Sprue pickers – Sp-F VI series

Sprue pickers are fast during extraction operations (lower than 0.8 sec on average) and only require a low-cost investment; they represent the first approach to the automation of an IMM.

They can separate the moulded part from its sprue and they can also be equipped with a vacuum generator, which allows to take the moulded part properly.

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Reliable and user-friendly

The possibility to regulate the arm’s rotation angle allows to easily cross over the IMM safety protections and extract sprues. The release side can be easily modified according to the customer’s specific needs.
Moreover, the integrated sprue presence sensor on the sprue gripper guarantees the correct extraction.

Fast extraction
Low-cost investment
Easy to install


Very user-friendly thanks to its operative modes’ programmes.

Don’t forget the end-of-arm tooling!

The most innovative Japanese technology is at the base of our Eins range, a line of products dedicated to the components for end-of-arm toolings. All Eins products are totally compatible with other brands and can also be used on robots made by other manufacturers, to get the best flexibility of use.

Technical data

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