Technical Assistance Service

If you need technical support over the phone, our service team will analyse your inquiries and guide you into the solution of the problem in the quickest possible way, whereas in case of need one of our technical personnel will visit you within 48 hours from your request.

Preventative maintenance

If you wish for more, we can also offer a preventative maintenance service tailored on your specific needs: a strategy that assures high reliability to our robots and that will maintain the value of your investment over time.

Preventative maintenance on Cartesian robots and automation systems

An unexpected problem can have serious effects on a 24/7 production!

It is for this reason that a periodical check-up is highly recommended: a simple examination can avoid issues during production, maintain a steady manufacture and guarantee the necessary safety when using our machinery.

A periodical check-up made by our experts and your daily examination is of paramount importance to guarantee the functioning of your robots over time.

For more info on costs and the available types of contracts, contact our technical assistance service and get your custom-made preventative maintenance contract!

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