Industrial automation: the most innovative Japanese technology meets the European standards of Industry 4.0

Star philosophy is to create industrial automation systems with highly accurate positioning, designed to reach the fastest cycle times using our standard robots and meeting all customers’ production needs.

We use components adopted on our Group’s large-scale production: standard robots, only one controller capable to manage the whole automation, EOAT components, everything made by Star.

In its production, Star Automation combines the Japanese technology with the Italian design creativity. This melting pot of knowledge is the ideal cradle for the creation of adaptable automaton systems that are suitable for the most diverse demands. In any case, high quality and a long life are a constant.

A good investment today is a great asset tomorrow


Flexible and highly efficient IML automation systems

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Insert loading automation systems

Insert loading automation systems designed to guarantee the highest accuracy and productivity during the moulding process.

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Disposable cutlery

Turnkey automation systems for the disposable cutlery industry

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Palletising robots for the palletisation of in-line products, either packaged or not.

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Special automation systems

Automation systems designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

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