Long-life high-performance industrial robots

When talking about industrial robotics, Star Automation combines the most innovative Japanese technology with the renowned Italian design creativity. This melting pot of knowledge is the ideal cradle for the creation of Cartesian robots that are both easy to use and suitable for the most diverse demands. In any cases, high quality and a long life are a constant.

A good investment today is a great asset tomorrow

Cartesian robots – XW-VI series

The top-entry robots of the XW-VI series represent the ideal solution for any handling of moulded pieces.

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Cartesian robots – Es-II series

The top-entry robots of the Es-II series are particularly appreciated for their excellent value for money.

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High-speed robots – ZXW-VI series

These top-entry robots are the ideal solution for extremely fast production cycles.

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Pallet Changers

Pallet Changers for a complete automation of the cell, from take-out to stacking beside the IMM.

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Sprue pickers – Sp-F VI series

The pneumatic sprue pickers of the Sp-F VI series represent the first approach to the automation of an IMM.

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