Sp-F IV Series Sprue Pickers

Sp-F IV Series pneumatic sprue pickers represent the first approach to the automation of an IMM.

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Es-II Series Cartesian Robots

Es-II Series vertical entry robots are particularly appreciated for their excellent quality-price ratio.

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XW-VI Series Top-of-the-Range Cartesian Robots

XW-VI Series vertical entry robots represent the ideal solution for the handling of moulded pieces.

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ZXW-VI Series High-Speed Robots

ZXW-VI Series top entry robots represent the ideal solution for particularly fast production cycles.

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TZ Series Side-Entry Robots

TZ-1500HM series has a compact design, that allows installation even in narrow spaces.

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Star philosophy is to create automated systems with highly accurate positioning, designed to reach the fastest cycle time using our standard robots.

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Eins – Robot Chucking Parts

We are specialised in both designing and manufacturing chucks (EOAT) and commercialising their components in order to meet the most different requirements, providing our know-how and adequate technical support.