The experience of buying a Star product does not end with the automation being installed, but finds its ideal continuation in the contact with our aftersales services team.

SAT – Technical Assistance Service

Our telephone assistance team will analyse your inquiries and guide you into the solution of the problem in the quickest way, while in case of need one of our technical personnel will visit you within 48 hours from your request. If you wish for more, we can also offer a preventive maintenance service tailored on the customer’s specific needs: a strategy that assures our robots a longer, efficient life and high reliability.

Our assistance service is available in two languages (Italian/English) during business hours as well as after our opening hours:

Monday – Friday 8:30 – 21:00
Saturday 8:30 – 12:30 / 13:30 – 18:00

Call us at +39 041 578 5375

Preventive Maintenance

An unexpected problem can have serious consequences on a 24/7 production!

This is why a regular inspection of robots is highly recommended as far as preventive maintenance is concerned. A few simple checks ensure a smooth and steady production and prevent any related issues on your machines.

Periodic inspection by our expert engineers, together with your daily checks, is fundamental and guarantees a long life to your robots.

If you would like to arrange a PM contract or if you simply need additional information on maintenance, contact our Service Department.


Our spare parts department is at your disposal to assist you in finding the right solution, be it the substitution of the component or its reparation. We guarantee the availability of spare parts for more than ten years, and an offer within 24 hours from your request.

Original parts are also available in all Europe thanks to our distribution network.

Call us at +39 041 578 5361


Star Automation has always been attentive to the changes of our time, and today in particular, we channel our Japanese mother company’s technology to answer to what the new regulations of Industry 4.0 require.
So we present to you our PCS520, a new generation software able to exchange information with the robot’s controller with the well-known aim of an efficient use. It is possible, via an Ethernet connection, to manage several instructions to the machine through the web, such modifications on the cycle time or axes strokes. PCS520 ability to remote-control the robot’s work conditions is also most important: through data collecting and system errors detecting, our tele-diagnostics system makes up an efficient tool for preventive maintenance.

Using each robot’s IP address, our technical assistance team can reach our customers’ controllers wherever they are, and guide the operator to the resolution of the problem, as well as directly intervene without leaving our headquarters.

Last, but not the least, the possibility to send from remote to the controller of the robot the next condition program, to be loaded and performed once the current production is completed.

Smart Production is embodied in a new software: STAR Factory Net, a system which allows to view all the information related to production which are contained inside the robot’s controller, thanks to their upload to a server connected to the company network. Viewable production-related information kinds are for example production ratio, robot status, or alarm history. When this kind of information gets refreshed inside the controller, or after a timer defined by the user, data get written in dedicated CSV files.

Successively, these CSV files are loaded through FTP to the directory selected in the server. The viewing of this information is possible on a dedicated web page, thus making the correct functioning of the software independent from the operative system or the browser the user chooses to use.


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