High-speed robots – ZXW-VI series

These top-entry robots are the ideal solution for extremely fast production cycles.

They can achieve take-out times lower than one second and, as a consequence, the reduction in the open-mould times is impressive. For this reason, they can satisfy even the most demanding user.

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Simply fast

Thanks to their speed, the robots of the ZXW-VI series are mainly recommended for food packaging systems, IML applications and whenever fast and accurate handling is required

The robots of the ZXW-VI series are equipped with prismatic guide with special recirculating ball bearings; the drive to the axes is performed by brushless motors which convey the movement by means of toothed belts; these factors guarantee a precision positioning of ± 0.1mm.

The height of the robot is reduced, thanks the to its telescopic vertical arm. All these features make this robot very fast.

Industry 4.0
Fast take-out times

CONTROLLER: STEC 520A. Major energy saving

With our Eco mode you can save up to the 25% of power consumption, thanks the temporary stopping of the servo motor and the turning off of the pendant background light.
The automatic interruption of air supply to the vacuum generator allows to save on air consumption when extracting the product.
And there is more: speed and acceleration of the robot are automatically adjusted by conforming the operation cycle to the moulding time, ensuring energy saving and noise and wear reduction.

Don’t forget the end-of-arm tooling!

The components for end-of-arm-toolings of our Eins range have been developed following the most innovative Japanese technology in order to reach the best performance levels. As they can be used both on six-axes and Cartesian robots made by other manufacturers too, they can guarantee the highest flexibility of use.

Available versions:

3-axes robot
5-axes robot with double vertical axis for the extraction of products from stack moulds
Longitudinal robot releasing the parts at the end of the IMM, reducing thus the overall occupied volume


For any further information, download the datasheet of the different available models.


For any further information, download the datasheet of the different available models.