PLAST Milan 5-8 September 2023

From September 5th to 8th we will be waiting you at Plast exhibition in Milan, which will be the showcase for several products of our range on booth Stand C/D 81/82 in hall 24.

An XW-1000VIP cartesian robot will be installed on a Toyo Si-180-6S injection moulding machine. This robot, first displayed during the last K show, belongs to the new series of our cartesian robots XW-VIP which represents a “power-up” of the VI series and has undergone several mechanical adjustments in order to enhance the overall rigidity and the performance of the robots, and also features some new software functions. The exhibited robot will extract 8 polypropylene syringe barrels from a Ruhla mould; before being palletised, a vision system will check the presence of any impurity.

Two high-speed robots will be on display on their own floor supports: a ZXW-1000VIP, which is of course a member of the VIP family, which will automatically swap two different End-of-Arm Toolings (EOATs) with enhanced precision and speed; and a ZXW-1600VI 2V, equipped with two vertical axes and suitable for stack-mould applications, which will perform a simulation of an IML cycle on a single-cavity mould for a 13-litre pail.

The fourth and last robot on the stand will be our Es-1400II, which will be working in conjunction with our pallet changer model M-70IVSII for the palletisation of ladle rests on trays.

Inside the Eins area, besides having on display all the bestsellers of our catalogue, an automation cell with a Fanuc LR Mate 200iD robot will handle four different End-of-Arm Toolings, exemplifying the countless applications you can get with Eins.

We will also be present on the following booths:

Shibaura Machine Europe (24, D72): robot XW-1000VI on IMM model EC130SXII with an insert loading system in cooperation with EPF Automation.

Toyo Europe (24, A/B 141/142): robot XW-1200VI 2V on IMM model Si-450-6S with IML application on a 10.8-liter pail with handle.

BMB (22, A/B 101/102): robot ZXW-1600VI on IMM model eKW85Pi for the pick-and-place of a transparent 1Kg container.

Ripress (24, B/C 01/02): robot XW-1500VI on IMM model IT HES 700 for a pick-and-place application of a picking box.