Robot and palletising systems

By combining the best Japanese technology with the Italian design creativity, Star Automation is able to create a series of palletising robots that satisfy all manufacturing needs 

By using a palletising system you get:

-   higher speed
-   higher productivity, as some of the tasks are carried out by the robot rather than by the operator
-   higher safety on the workplace
-   better quality and safety of the packaging.

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Automatic and Cartesian palletisers for any production need

After a bespoke modification, Star Cartesian robots can operate as part of a simple equipment used for the in-line palletisation of products, either packaged or not. The staff is thus relieved of the easy yet repetitive tasks and can concentrate on other assignments, more compatible with the health and safety regulations at work.

In order to meet all possible production requirements, Star Automation also offers equipment other than Cartesian robots, such as mobile systems for the palletisation of small and light products.