Star Automation Europe was born in 1989 as the branch of Star Seiki Co. Ltd. for the distribution of automation systems for the injection moulding sector in Europe. Star Seiki Group was founded by the Shiotani family in 1964 in Nagoya (Japan) and currently counts more than 1000 employees worldwide and branches in all continents.

More than 200.000 robots installed all over the world witness the high reliability and quality of our products. These are just two of the main reasons of the loyalty that our valued customers have shown during all these years. In fact, Star Automation Europe has met the requirements of its customers by designing highly reliable standardised solutions. This is possible thanks to the significant number of standard products and to the experience of its highly-motivated personnel, always aiming at customer satisfaction. Star Automation Europe has also developed many applications for packaging and IML sectors, with solutions offering high flexibility and efficiency.

The professional and technical preparation given to Star’s personnel is one of the key factors which allow us to face and solve all technical problems with competence and the right attitude for mutual satisfaction.

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Our experience in designing and producing special automations for the handling of moulded thermoplastic parts allows us to understand our customers’ needs and to propose the best fitting solutions. We produce cartesian robots in all sizes (for IMMs from 30 to 5000 tons) by adapting Japanese technology to the demands of European market.

Not only is Star Automation Europe a robot manufacturer but also a competent supplier for turnkey dedicated systems up to total factory automation. By using high-performing components and Star Group’s 50-year experience in manufacturing, we are able to offer our customers products of excellent quality, which is our group’s motto: 品質第一, Quality First.