ZXW-VI series High-speed Robots

ZXW-VI Series top entry robots represent the ideal solution for particularly fast production cycles.
Thanks to their powerful motors, perfectly balanced with the moving masses, it is possible to obtain extremely short extraction times, inferior to one second, and very accurate repeatability. A robot which can satisfy the most various requirements of a demanding customer: open mould time (as typically required in the packaging sector) is reduced, and programming of special palletization, operations beside the IMM can be easily done.

Simply fast

ZXW-VI Series is particularly suitable for food packaging systems, IML and whenever a very short cycle time and precise handling is required. All axes use high quality double prismatic bearing guide with special bearings for reduced maintenance and smooth operation all helping to achieve precision positioning to 0.1mm. Moreover, the vertical arm composed with a telescopic system allows to reduce the total height of the robot thus increasing movement speed.

And for those of you who never settle for average results…

…we developed the ZPX-1000! It is our latest machine, which has been designed for those customers who aim to the highest performance levels. Its vertical axis is entirely carbon-made and allows to get results of speed and cycle time previously unreached by robots of this size, with the same rigidity levels of a steel axis but with a weight that is almost its half.

ZPX-1000’s axes are made from new lighter profiles, conveniently processed and reinforced, while the power of its three servomotors has been increased compared to ZXW-1000VI. The new look of this robot and its covers enhances the general idea of compactness for this machine of flawless elegance.


As the newest and most performing member of our controllers’ family, STEC 520A can operate in two different ways, based on the customer’s needs: operational modes programming (preinstalled operations), and free programming, with the possibility to save up to 999 different mould programs.

Energy Saving

Thanks to our Eco mode, you will be able to save up to the 25% of electricity consumption in case stand-by times exceed the set ones, with the temporary stop of the servo motor and the turning off of the pendant background light.
The automatic interruption of air supply to the vacuum generator allows a huge air consumption saving from the product collection with suction cup to its deposit on the conveyor.
And there is more: speed and acceleration of the robot are automatically adjusted by conforming the operation cycle to the moulding time ensuring energy saving and noise and wear reduction.

ZXW-H Series top entry robots are the ideal solution when space in the moulding room is an issue. In fact, the traverse axis on this series is parallel to the injection axis; therefore, the release of the products does not happen on the side of the IMM but at the end of it, saving thus space which would normally be needed by a traditional 3-axis robot. This series features the same characteristics of the ZXW-VI Series with one main difference: the traverse axis is usually longer (3500 – 5500 mm).

Star Automation has always been attentive to the changes of our time, and today in particular, we channel our Japanese mother company’s technology to answer to what the new regulations of Industry 4.0 require.
So we present to you our PCS520, a new generation software able to exchange information with the robot’s controller with the well-known aim of an efficient use. It is possible, via an Ethernet connection, to manage several instructions to the machine through the web, such modifications on the cycle time or axes strokes. PCS520 ability to remote-control the robot’s work conditions is also most important: through data collecting and system errors detecting, our tele-diagnostics system makes up an efficient tool for preventive maintenance.

Using each robot’s IP address, our technical assistance team can reach our customers’ controllers wherever they are, and guide the operator to the resolution of the problem, as well as directly intervene without leaving our headquarters.

Don’t forget your EOAT

Star Automation Europe is able to supply everything that makes your total automation worthy of the name, and here is were the EOAT (End of Arm Tooling) plays its pivotal role. To get top performance levels, we have developed our Eins components with our own patented technologies and we have selected the best Japanese manufacturers to bring to Europe the renowned Japanese technology. Our components are compatible with other brands and can be used on six-axes and Cartesian robots of all manufacturers: that’s the highest flexibility you can get.


ProductRange IMMTraverse (mm)Crosswise (mm)Vertical (mm)


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