TZ series Side-entry Robots

A matter of design

TZ-1500HMseries has a compact design, that allows installation even in narrow spaces. The entry arm has a telescopic structure that allows it to have very high extraction speed.
Moreover, this robot is often used in cleanrooms because of its special chain features that guarantee minimum dust production and a low level of noise.
Both side entry and de-moulding axes are made of reinforced aluminum and for this reason the robot is very resistant to wear, therefore required maintenance is also very low.

STEC 510

Our STEC 510 collision detector detects forthcoming collision with other objects and immediately stops the robot, while the vibration control system controls vibrations on the vertical axis for the optimal operation of the unloader, thus permitting an increase of smooth movements at high speeds and an increased stability at extraction time.


ProductRange IMMSwing (°)Crosswise(mm)Vertical (mm)



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