Sp-F IV series Sprue Pickers

Sp-F IV Series pneumatic sprue pickers represent the first approach to the automation of an IMM.  As the extraction of the sprue is guaranteed in every cycle, the separation between part and sprue will always be certain, with no need of visual checks. Fast during extraction time (lower than 0.8 sec on average), the Sp-F IV range can be equipped with a vacuum generator which makes extraction easier and ensures the separation between right and left parts. A low-cost investment for the ultimate solution to a common problem in injection moulding.

Simplicity and efficiency

The possibility to regulate the arm’s rotation angle (swing 50°÷ 90°) allows to easily cross over the IMM safety protections until the height required in order to extract sprues according to their maximum width. Moreover, the sprue presence sensor on the sprue gripper guarantees the correct collection on every cycle and monitors both the sprue absence and anomalies on the gripper.


Operative modes which determine the manipulator’s work sequence can be abled and disabled with simple instructions on the controller: you can therefore set specific work cycles for the current mould and its production characteristics, both trough the selection of operative modes and the right setting of the timers. According to each mould necessities it is also possible to memorize up to 15 mould programs.

Don’t forget your EOAT

Star Automation Europe is able to supply everything that makes your total automation worthy of the name, and here is were the EOAT (End of Arm Tooling) plays its pivotal role. To get top performance levels, we have developed our Eins components with our own patented technologies and we have selected the best Japanese manufacturers to bring to Europe the renowned Japanese technology. Our components are compatible with other brands and can be used on six-axes and Cartesian robots of all manufacturers: that’s the highest flexibility you can get.

Sp-600F-IV / Sp-800F-IV

ProductRange IMMSwing (°)Crosswise (mm)Vertical (mm)

DOWNLOAD Sp-600F-IV / Sp-800F-IV


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