Es-II series Cartesian Robots

Es-II Series vertical entry robots are particularly appreciated for their excellent quality-price ratio. Thanks to the high number of standard functions (operative modes), which allow to create very complex sequences, even the less experienced operator can use these robots without any risk. The new “free programming” function allows you to program your own cycle. Programming can be done directly from the 7,5” touch screen pendant or from your PC.

Rigidity and precision

With an improved response of their servo motor, Es-II Series robots guarantee a quick feedback to instructions. All axes use high-quality double prismatic bearing guide with special bearings for reduced maintenance and smooth operation, all helping to achieve precision positioning to 0.1mm.

Electro-welded steel structure of the three cartesian axes ensures a high rigidity which facilitates precision both during extraction and release, with the maximum reduction of vibrations. Due to the extension of the traverse support, traverse bending is also reduced to its minimum.



Es-II Series robots can be operated safely through the 7.5” touch screen LCD display of STEC NC2 controller. Standard actions are operated on a step by step system which guides the operator during the setting of the cycle, thus reducing mistakes to their minimum.
The three-position enable switch installed on the pendant is a further way to raise safety levels as European regulations require.

Free programming

Beyond all the numerous standard configurations which are already installed in the controller, Es-II Series robots can be freely modified by our customers thanks to the possibility of free programming. Through STEC NC2 icon-based interface, even complicated insert actions can be done in an extremely simple way.

Don’t forget your EOAT

Star Automation Europe is able to supply everything that makes your total automation worthy of the name, and here is were the EOAT (End of Arm Tooling) plays its pivotal role. To get top performance levels, we have developed our Eins components with our own patented technologies and we have selected the best Japanese manufacturers to bring to Europe the renowned Japanese technology. Our components are compatible with other brands and can be used on six-axes and Cartesian robots of all manufacturers: that’s the highest flexibility you can get.


ProductRange IMMTraverse (mm)Crosswise (mm)Vertical (mm)
Es-800 II25-220 1600480800


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